HighPoint Vascular and Vein Clinic provides comprehensive, multidisciplinary care for all types of venous and arterial disease.

With over 17,000 vascular cases and 5,000 vein-specific cases, our vein clinic offers more experience to our patients so they can experience life more.

We have access to a full range of resources, from our vascular ultrasound laboratory and office-based procedure suite, to hospital-based cath labs and operating rooms at Sumner Regional Medical Center. The HighPoint Vascular and Vein Clinic provides the best care for our patients in the safest and most appropriate setting. From DVT and varicose veins to complex venous reconstruction, Dr. Madson provides seamless care and close follow-up of our patients.

We also offer an office-based, vascular ultrasound laboratory specializing in the non-invasive diagnosis of vascular disease. Our registered vascular ultrasound technologist specializes in the characterization of the full spectrum of vascular disease, from venous to arterial disorders including aortic aneurysm screening and carotid disease. This allows for comprehensive work-up and diagnosis of vascular disorders often within the same office visit.

Dr. Madson has over 23 years of experience in vascular surgery

Our staff provides a personal, individualized approach to each client’s care, based on their history of vascular problems, a physical exam, as well as the detailed information gained during a comprehensive ultrasound. Each patient is thoroughly evaluated by Dr. Madson and educated about their problem, as well as provided tips to prevent future vein and vascular issues.

The services we provide at our artery and vein treatment center include the diagnosis and management of patients with the following conditions: cardiovascular diseases, aneurysms, peripheral artery disease (PAD), carotid artery disease, arterial atherosclerosis, artery dissections, claudication, deep venous thrombosis (DVT), blood clots, varicose veins, spider veins, lymphedema, diabetic wounds, ankle / foot ulcers & wounds, hardening of the arteries, and all forms of peripheral vascular disease. Dr. Madson performs many procedures in the office, but also has privileges at Sumner Regional Medical Center for same-day or inpatient surgery needs.

Derald Madson, MD

Medical School:
The Medical College of Wisconsin,
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

General Surgery
The Medical College of Ohio

Vascular Surgery
Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital
New Brunswick, New Jersey

Endovascular Surgery
Mercy Regional Heart and Vascular Institute
Muskegon, Michigan

Board Certification:
American College of Surgeons

Professional Membership:
Society of Vascular Surgery; International Society of Endovascular Specialists; American College of Surgeons

Patient Resources

We offer a wide spectrum of diagnostic and therapeutic options for our patients with vascular diseases (i.e. diseases of the blood vessels), by providing state-of-the-art care and utilizing the latest technologies.

Below, we have provided informational fact sheets, as well as new patient forms that you can download and print. We hope these resources will help you learn more about vascular and vein health, treatment and preventive care options, and help you prepare for your appointment with us. We look forward to meeting you!

Conditions We Commonly Treat:

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